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Yeeeaah it's done, welcome!!!

Hi there! Welcome to Moving Aim, the new website of Marcus Bj[Ö]rkman photography! Long story short. A couple of years back, like four or so, I lost my old site. All work gone. That was one of several reasons I began to lose interest in photography. It felt like a too big obstacle to overcome to start all over from scratch with a new site and the alternatives I found were no good. But finally, I managed to pull out the thumb and started working on a new site. I think there is nearly a thousand photos here now. That is far from all though. There are many more hidden somewhere in my memory and on disk. Over time I hope to remember, find and add those old works as well. In short there is more coming, new stuff as well of course. Oh, sorry about the somewhat lame picture of me. It's an old picture, I look a lot more lame now.

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