Canvases Available For Sale

These are all the printed and mounted canvas frames available for sale at the moment.


All pictures are of really high quality. Both canvas, frame and mounting. They all come fully assembled and have a steel string attached for easy hanging on the wall. They can also easily be hanged using only the frame itself. All canvas have the thinnest frame possible. For a sleek and beautiful look on the wall.  A maximum of 20 will ever be made of each canvas picture in each size. They are all signed and numbered.

Contact info is at the bottom of this page.

70 x 70 cm | 17 mm frame | 2500 SEK

150 x 100 cm | 26 mm frame | 5000 SEK

100 x 70 cm | 17 mm frame | 3000 SEK


You can contact me directly by mail, phone or by using the form below.

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